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Vis-a-Vis Ventures is a company builder for digital business models

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3-4 days | Figma design


After our initial meeting and the assignment, we will create a complete one together with you

Design of our product in figma


4-8 weeks | First version

Develop Product

We don't think much of MVPs or the like, since the experience gained cannot usually be implemented 1:1 in the actual end product. With a large team, we are therefore implementing our joint project directly in a finished first version.


Monthly | Continuous growth

Free Maintenance And Further Development For The First Year

With our team of marketing and sales specialists as well as financing experts, we support the growth and further development of our startup. Over 100 supervised projects speak for themselves.

At a cost of less than a full-time developer - including new features every month with our developers.


What our customers say
about solutions

Working with the Visavis Ventures team was highly professional at all times. In addition to development, the team also supported us in marketing and financing our truly extensive project.

Max, Snow Resort Tycoon

It was a pleasure to work with the Visavis-Ventures Team. The delivered graphics were really fantastic.

Morgan, Hornycorn

I was impressed by the ease of use, the inactive marketing option and the 24/7 availability of the team. I would advise any of my colleagues to work with Visavis-Ventures.

Mustafa, Food Delivery App
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We support start-ups beyond the normal scope of agency work as co-founders as part of our Code4Equity program.

What does that mean exactly?

Example: Moritz would like an app like built TikTok, but lack the funds to pay for full development. Moritz turns to us with his idea, we think the idea is cool and would build Moritz his app for a small 4-digit amount to protect against risk and for a 7-15% share (depending on the effort) in his company. The amount is not as legacies due, but will be due in several milestones against delivery. For example: 50% after delivery of the entire design, 50% after completion of the app. In addition to the initial development, we also provide maintenance and further development, as well as our expertise in the areas of financing, marketing and our contacts to make the joint project a success.

Typically, we get out again in the first or second round of financing to monetize our risk investment, but we are happy to remain part of the team as an agency partner.
App development
pricing plan icon one
  • #Validate your product by getting paying customers

  • #A website and process that can solve your problem for your customers

  • 2 Weeks
3.5 - 7k € + shares
Web development
pricing plan icon one
  • #Specification and design for your market entry produc

  • #Clickable mockup, clear roadmap and reliable numbers for you and investors.

  • 2 Weeks
3.5 - 7k € + shares
Game development
pricing plan icon one
  • #Launch your product to gain scalable customers.

  • #A fully functioning app or webapp so you can scalably serve customers.

  • 10 Weeks
5 - 15k € without shares
pricing plan icon one
  • #Maintain and grow Product Market Fit

  • #More customers and a better conversion funnel with each customer feedback

  • Continuous
On request

Don't give up shares?

We also work for pure payment without share fee, we will be happy to prepare an individual offer on request

Additional services

These modules are for many startups and investors, the outside of our accelerator program want to benefit from us or additional support require.

pricing plan icon one
  • #Receive funding for innovative business ideas

  • #Research about elegible programs, preparation, application and pitching together

  • 4 Weeks
pricing plan icon one
  • #Save time and money through clear focus and reach your goals twice as fast

  • #Individual coaching with seiral entrepreneurs in Tech, Sales, Marketing etc.

  • Continuous
pricing plan icon one
  • #Ensure code quality and get clear next steps

  • #Report and clear recommendations that will save you months of work

  • 2 Weeks
pricing plan icon one
  • #Regain speed for your startup

  • #Understanding of your own codebase, clear roadmap and numbers

  • 4 Weeks

Own startups

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Frequently Asked Questions

After full payment, and if the Code4Equity offer has been used, after the transfer of the shares, the code is of course yours and will be sent to you via Github or similar services.

In most cases we work with payments in milestones.
A subdivision after sending the design is common, as well as a further milestone after we have completed the coding.

"Completion" means the completion of the coding of the previously agreed services. We will demonstrate completion by sending a video or a clickable test version. Due to missing API keys, some features may not work fully in a clickable test version, the project is still completed and the API keys are of course added free of charge before uploading to the customer's server. We can only make any changes after receipt of payment, as long as the previously discussed framework is fulfilled. Of course, we accept minor changes free of charge.

Many of our customers prefer to be the focus of their own projects. We are happy to accommodate this request and have therefore publicly listed our own projects as references. Some of the projects have been sold. On request, however, we will be happy to send you other suitable reference projects from a wide variety of areas. With more than 30 projects a year, the right reference can usually be found quickly.

We would like to support startups & founders and know the lack of money when starting a business ourselves. We see ourselves as your first investor and give each of our customers an internal rating. Instead of investing money in you, we invest our working hours and only take a small amount, usually 4 digits, to be able to cover at least part of our costs such as wages, rent, servers, software, etc. as a small safeguard. For example, if your offer consists of 5,000 euros and 10% company shares, we usually invest working time equivalent to around 20,000 euros in you and your project. In the further course, we are of course also interested in supporting you as best we can to get our joint project asap in the black - only then will we earn money ;)

We are not an ordinary agency, but serial founders ourselves with a special offer. We not only offer you the pure development, but also our own experience from more than 10 successfully launched startups. We felt we made every conceivable mistake that one can make and can therefore protect you from most stumbling blocks.
When it comes to development, we have often had the experience ourselves of being plunged into high costs by external partners without really getting any closer to the goal.
To avoid this, we offer our Code4Equity model to ensure that we are pulling together as a partner to achieve success together and not just billing hours.
We act as co-founders and advise you on which features really make sense and proactively give you valuable tips and experience to save time and money. In addition, we support you with our network of investors, marketing specialists, influencers and many other exciting contacts. Thanks to our agile startup culture and our large and experienced team, we usually achieve an MVP-capable project within a short time.

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